The project's history

Behind the project are three committed young women!


It all started in February 2017 with a StarTech project, a business creation simulation during our studies and we needed a team and a project. We are three friends who used to work together during their studies and entrepreneurship intrigued us. After spending half a year on the project, almost forgetting our other lessons, we understood that  the adventure could not end there. We therefore continued the adventure by applying for the Yncubator, the student incubator of LLN. This is how we spent our two years of master’s degree as student-entrepreneurs. It was not easy to combine the two, but luckily we were able to do our final thesis at UCLouvain on Greenzy!

This allowed us to make a great step forward … In addition to being accompanied by experts, we were able to create our first prototype.

Now that school is over, the project is moving ahead! We are working on it full time. We created a second prototype in collaboration with Quimesis and VocSens. Tests made on this second prototype allowed us to design the third prototype. It is this third prototype that is currently being tested by two users! 🙂

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Adelaide, Fiona and Laetitia

First prototype
Second prototype