The product

The composter

Ideal for transforming your organic waste into soil.

  • Can contain 100% of the organic waste from a family 5 people
  • Transformation of organic waste into soil in about 2 months
  • Scandinavian design
  • Odourless
  • Coupled with an app that gives advice on use
  • Quality and durable product
  • Materials from local sources (made in Europe and assembled in Brussels)
  • Recycled and recyclable materials (end-of-life take-back bonus)

Allows you to make a gesture for the ecology without any constraint!

Price : 499,-€ incl.VAT

Product Details:

It grinds and mixes your organic matter in order to obtain soil in about 2 months. Thanks to the presence of microorganisms naturally present in organic waste, your waste will be composted naturally without having to add any supplements. All of your organic waste can be composted. Sensors are located inside the composter that detect anomalies and prevent odors. All this information is sent to you via the application to help you in your process. Questions? Our FAQ may be able to answer it here!

Technical characteristics:

Colors: White, wood
Materials: Wood, white recycled plastic Dimensions: L.40.0 x H.90.0 x D.40.0 cm Volume: 50 L