Learning while having fun: composting and children!

by | 10 Oct, 2021 | Compost

As our children are the future of our planet, it is more necessary than ever that they understand and protect their environment. So what would be a regular activity that would reconnect them to biodiversity while having fun? Composting!

The benefits of composting for the younger generation
Composting is giving back to the earth what it has given us. Teaching children to compost allows them to understand the richness that nature offers us, while becoming familiar with its functioning. It also helps them realize the importance of limiting non-organic waste.

In addition, children can have fun with little learning games such as knowing what is biodegradable and what is not, or knowing how to carefully collect organic waste that they can use to enrich their own compost, for example. A game that helps you remember compostable foods is the cordless phone; biodegradable version! Another great family activity is to plant a pumpkin seed (which loves the nutrients in compost) and watch it grow before you can cook your own pumpkins. Children could also surprise you with their imagination by creating recipes with organic waste, such as a leek green pie or vegetable peelings chips.

Once the compost is transformed into potting soil, the children will be able to create their own small vegetable gardens, an activity that appeals to children (who are curious by nature) and that will benefit them by developing their patience, creativity, concentration and knowledge of the subject, all while having fun!

Greenzy composters used by children

children indoor composter

It is during the testing phases of our composters, in families with children, that we really realized how much they liked to invest in the activity of taking care of a compost. We asked them what their favorite part of creating compost was, and they told us they loved shredding organic waste, mixing it, and watching it grow inside our smart composters.

Greenzy aspires every day to a better environmental future, and has confidence in the roles that future generations will have in preserving our biodiversity!


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