Greenzy indoor composter

Composting is now easy, fast and educational!

- Continuously add your organic waste which turns into a mature compost in about 2 months.
- You are accompanied by the application that explains the process.
- It is designed for the organic kitchen waste of a household ofone to four people.
- No odors or flies.

Estimated delivery: August 2024 (the product is currently in production).
200 of you have already pre-ordered it!

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  • Recycles your organic waste (except shell, core, bone, meat and fish)
  • Produces mature compost in 2 months
  • No odours or flies
  • Constructed from mainly recycled and recyclable materials
  • Modern and sober design
  • Designed, assembled and produced mainly in Belgium

It allows you to compost your organic waste easily without any smell or flies. You will be able to continuously add your organic waste and each organic waste is transformed into a mature compost in about 2 months.
You are accompanied by theapplication that explains the process (the application is supplied with the composter). For example, if the sensors detect that the compost is too dry, you will receive a notification asking you to add a glass of water.
It is designed for the organic kitchen waste of aone to four person household. Kids love to use it too!
You can add all your organic waste (except meat, fish, bones, shells and cores). They will be broken down naturally by the micro-organisms. Moreover, when you turn the crank on top, they will be crushed and mixed.
The composter is made in Belgium and is sustainable.


Colours: Anthracite grey, wood colour
Materials: Wood, recycled and recyclable anthracite plastic
Dimensions: W.35,0 x H.85,0 x D.35,0 cm
Volume: 50 L
Fixing: Wall-mounted with 3 screws
Current: Requires connection to a 220v socket
Consumption: 2W = 17.52 kWh/year (equivalent to the consumption of a coffee machine plugged in continuously but not used, i.e. the equivalent of more or less 2 euros over the year).
Odour filter: carbon filter

If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to consult our Q&A page which we have put together especially for you. You can find it here. If you have any further questions, please use our contact form.

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