Greenzy, winner of the Hub Awards 2023

Greenzy, winner of the Hub Awards 2023

Greenzy, winner of the Hub Awards 2023

🥰Great emotions for Greenzy yesterday 🥰

This Thursday, June 22, Greenzy won the Hub Awards in the "Start" category! 🎉

We would like to express our deep gratitude to for highlighting innovative and inspiring sustainability-related initiatives in Brussels via the Hub Awards 2023. 🌟

Congratulations to the other 5 winners with BC materials in the Bloom category, to Seed in the Jury Awards category, to Cynthia by In-Between International in the Export category, La Ferme Nos Pilifs in the Public Award category and to Electra in the Welcome category.👏

Congratulations also to the 2 other projects nominated in the Start Unago Recrutement and Mazette categories! Great companies that are well worth a visit 👏




Hub Awards 2023 - Adélaïde and Laetitia

We'd also like to thank you, the Greenziers, for motivating us to work hard to bring our solution to market. At Greenzy, we've set ourselves the goal of revolutionizing composting in Europe, where 80% of organic waste is still landfilled or incinerated. What's more, by the end of 2023 it will be compulsory throughout Europe for individuals and businesses to sort organic waste. 🌍

We were proud to present our odorless, eco-designed and intelligent indoor composter at the Hub Awards ceremony. 🌱
By combining technological innovation with our commitment to the environment, we offer a practical and sustainable solution for reducing organic waste while creating valuable compost to enrich our soils.🔬

The evening was also featured on Sudinfo:

and BRUZZ - Vlaams-Brusselse Media :

with a product video in Dutch. 📹

100,000 entrepreneurs Belgium puts Greenzy in the spotlight

100,000 entrepreneurs Belgium puts Greenzy in the spotlight

💥 "100 minutes to break the codes" 💥

Adélaïde Biebuyck, co-founder of Greenzy® took part in season 2 of the 100000 entrepreneurs Belgium podcast , which brings together 5 testimonials from female entrepreneurs of sustainable companies 🌱🚀 !

-Flore Carlier, creator of Kaly Ora
- Florence RENSON, founder of Nutrifix
- Nathalie Draux, head of QUALITY ASSISTANCE S.A.
- Gabrielle Wittock, creator of Yuma Food
- As well as Adélaïde Biebuyck who testifies for Greenzy 🌱🚀

Thank you to 100000 entrepreneurs Belgium for this initiative, which we hope will inspire young (and not so young 😜) people to undertake responsibly. 🌱🚀

You can listen to the podcast below ⬇️

Greenzy and its indoor composter are in the news!

Greenzy and its indoor composter are in the news!

After a report with RTBF by Jonathan Bradfer, Greenzy appears in Maxime Maillet 's article : The 6 innovative and sustainable projects carried by young people from our regions! 👏 You can find the article here 👉 Six innovative projects Greenzy and its indoor composter also appear on VivaCité's "We're not done talking about it." 😄 by Patric Weberand Sébastien Pierret! ☺️ To see the extract, it's here 👉 Greenzy on Vivacité To see the report in detail, it will be on "Quel Temps" at the end of the week on TV so stay tuned! 😍🔜📺 Thanks to all the RTBF team for this great spotlight and especially to Jonathan Bradfer for thinking of us! ☺️🍃👍
Greenzy: startup of the week in the Libre Eco

Greenzy: startup of the week in the Libre Eco

One month after a successful crowdfunding, pre-sales are still going on on our website and we are in the middle of preparing our next fundraising for the launch of Greenzy, our indoor composter, a nice article sums it all up by being the startup of the week! :face_with_eyes_in_stars:

Thank you to Camille Delannois for this great feature in La Libre Eco!

You can find the article in the paper newspaper :journal_roulé: this weekend or here: :index_to_the_right: Greenzy, the odourless and connected indoor compost

The press talks about Greenzy (part 2)

The press talks about Greenzy (part 2)

While we are in the middle ofa Crowdfunding campaign and in the presentation of our peel eater in person in the Country Side fair in Ghent and the Cocoon fair in Brussels, some newspapers and magazines are happily talking about our indoor composter.👍🏻
We would like to thank L'Avenir, the Newsletter of UCLouvain for their support during the crowdfunding and product presentation period! 😀.
To help our project, feel free to pre-order our indoor composter on this page .🚀

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