The history of the project

It all started in February 2017 with a StarTech project, a business creation simulation during our studies and we needed a team and a project. We're three girlfriends who used to work together during our studies and entrepreneurship intrigued us. After spending half a year on the project, almost forgetting about our other courses, we realized that we loved it and the adventure couldn't end there. So we continued the adventure by applying to theYncubator, LLN's student incubator. That's how we spent our two years as student-entrepreneurs. It wasn't easy to combine the two, but fortunately we were able to write our final thesis atUCLouvain on Greenzy!

It was a great step forward for us... In addition to being accompanied by experts, we were able to create our first prototype.

Now that the studies are complete, the project is moving ahead at full speed! We're working on it full-time. We created a second prototype in collaboration with Quimesis and VocSens. The tests carried out on this second prototype enabled us to design the third prototype . It's this third prototype that two user-testers are lucky enough to be testing right now! 🙂

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Adélaïde, Fiona and Laetitia

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