Why Greenzy®?


Odourless thanks to a composting technique in the presence of oxygen and an activated carbon filter

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Can contain all organic waste of a family of 1 to 4 people

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Transformation of organic waste into mature compost and quality compost in about 2 months

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Product designed to be easily repairable with spare parts available

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Help in managing the composter with the Greenz'app which gives tips for use internal sensors and makes composting fun and fun and educational

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Eco-designed product: locally sourced materials local (99% manufactured in Belgium and assembled in Brussels), recycled and recyclable (take back premium at end of life)

How does it work?

Product details

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It crushes and mixes your organic matter to obtain compost in about 2 months (*).
Thanks to the presence of micro-organisms naturally present in organic waste, no need for worms, your waste will be composted naturally without the need to add supplements. All your organic waste can be composted, except for meat, bones, shells and pits.

Sensors are located inside the composter which allow to detect anomalies and avoid odours. All this information is transmitted to you via the application (supplied with the composter) in order to help you in your approach.

More questions? Our FAQ may be able to answer them here !

*patented technology

Colours : Anthracite grey, wood colour
Materials : Wood, recycled and recyclable anthracite plastic
Dimensions: W.35,0 x H.85,0 x D.35,0 cm
Volume : 50 L

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