Laetitia Dupret

Laetitia Dupret

At the first meeting, Laetitia seems to be the most reserved of the group, but don't they say "beware of sleeping water"?

She is fluent in three languages and has successfully completed her studies as a civil engineer in biomechanics. She therefore naturally takes care of the mechanical aspects of the project and loves to spend time meticulously designing 3D prototypes of the composter or certain parts of it.

She is also in charge of the marketing and financial aspects of the business, not letting herself be overawed by these sensitive and very important areas for young companies.

By asking Laetitia a few questions, we learn more about her, what she likes, what motivates her or what horrifies her!
Here are the questions and her answers:

1- My main character trait.


2 - My favourite quality in a human being. 


3 - The flaw I cannot stand in a human being.


4 - What I'my friends.


5 - My main flaw.

Emotionally impulsive

6 - My favourite occupation.

Growing plants and watching them grow.

7 - My dream of happiness.

Trekking in Norway

8 - My favourite colour.


9 - My favourite vegetable

Tomatoes from the garden (but not just any garden! The one in'Adelaide)

10 - My favourite fruit.


11 - My favourite heroine or hero in fiction.

Papa Smurf

12 - My favourite swear word.


13 - The job I would not have liked to do.

Notary or lawyer


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