Greenzy, a patented composter highlighted by the European Commission

by | May 1, 2023 | Business

Greenzy revolutionizes organic waste management with a patented solution honored by the European Commission. 🌱💡🇪🇺

A solution patented with the invaluable help of Stéphane Korvers of GEVERS !

The Commission honors us by highlighting women, in particular Greenzy founders Adélaïde Biebuyck, Laetitia Dupret and Fiona Milano for the publication of our patent on International Intellectual Property Day. 🇪🇺

As women, we are proud to patent an innovative solution for transforming organic waste into quality compost. ♻️ We firmly believe that our innovation will have a positive impact on sustainable development.💚

We hope that this spotlight by the European Commission will encourage more women to file more and more patents, and thus keep innovation alive. 🌍

At Greenzy, we will remain committed to protecting our planet and continue to work hard to find innovative solutions to the environmental challenges we face.👩💼👩💻

For the occasion, the Commission gave us the pleasure of producing a superb video showcasing our product and our values for Greenzy! Don't hesitate to watch it! 👇🏻



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