In the midst of a participatory funding campaign 🤑 and while we were present at Cocoon, we were delighted to accept RTBF's invitation to come back and say hello on the Tendances Première radio show on Monday 22 November 2021.

Yes, you read it right: come back !😉 Because we had come more or less 2 years ago to present our project at its beginnings. Comfortably installed, pampered by Véronique Tyberghien and Cédric Wautier, we were able to explain what our indoor composter was 🌱, what its advantages were and how our project had evolved over the last two years!

We would like to thank RTBF and the two presenters Véronique and Cédric for giving us this great opportunity to talk about our product at a time when we really need it!

If you want to see us👀 it's on RTBF Auvio or listen to us🙉 in podcast here.