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Recycle your organic waste indoors

Odourless, simple and eco-designed

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Built to last

Designed to be easily repairable with spare parts available

Easily repairable parts
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Locally sourced (99% made in Belgium), recycled and recyclable materials



Odor-free thanks to activated carbon filter
No bugs or worms to deal with

Greenzy and his indoor somposter are in the news
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In 2 months

Transforms organic waste into mature, high-quality compost in about 2 months

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Large capacity

Holds all the organic waste of a family of 1 to 4 people

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Composting help

The Greenz'app gives usage indications thanks to internal sensors and makes composting fun and educational.

How does it work?

Step 1 - Greenzy indoor composter

Add all your organic waste daily : food scraps, citrus peels, egg shells, etc.

Step 2 - Greenzy indoor composter

Crank a few times to crush and mix the organic waste and aerate the compost.

Step 3 - Greenzy indoor composter

Let the micro-organisms in your waste do their job and pamper them by following the instructions on the application.

Step 4 - Greenzy indoor composter

After about two months, collect your mature, homemade compost from underneath. Use it to benefit your plants and vegetable garden!

Greenzy, the indoor composter that doesn't stink

By pre-ordering the composter, you are helping to launch the first production run of this innovation.
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 499 tvac

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Estimated delivery October-November 2023 (the product is currently being industrialized)

  • Recycles virtually all your organic waste (except shells, kernels, bones, meat and fish)
  • Produces mature compost in 2 months
  • No odours or flies
  • Constructed from mainly recycled and recyclable materials
  • Modern and sober design
  • Designed, assembled and produced mainly in Belgium

It allows you to compost your organic waste easily without any smell or flies. You will be able to continuously add your organic waste and each organic waste is transformed into a mature compost in about 2 months.
You are accompanied by theapplication that explains the process (the application is supplied with the composter). For example, if the sensors detect that the compost is too dry, you will receive a notification asking you to add a glass of water.
It is designed for the organic kitchen waste of aone to four person household. Kids love to use it too!
You can add all your organic waste (except meat, fish, bones, shells and cores). They will be broken down naturally by the micro-organisms. Moreover, when you turn the crank on top, they will be crushed and mixed.
The composter is made in Belgium and is sustainable.


Colours: Anthracite grey, wood colour
Materials: Wood, recycled and recyclable anthracite plastic
Dimensions: W.35,0 x H.85,0 x D.35,0 cm
Volume: 50 L
Fixing: Wall-mounted with 3 screws
Current: Requires connection to a 220v socket
Consumption: 2W = 17.52 kWh/year (equivalent to the consumption of a coffee machine plugged in continuously but not used, i.e. the equivalent of more or less 2 euros over the year).
Odour filter: carbon filter

If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to consult our Q&A page which we have put together especially for you. You can find it here. If you have any further questions, please use our contact form.

Any questions?

How come it doesn't stink?

The composting process we use is aerobic composting, i.e. in the presence of oxygen. This composting process does not emit any odours! In order to have aerobic composting, i.e. in the presence of oxygen and therefore without odours, air enters the composter via a fan. To avoid the smell of waste that has just been thrown away or a smell of undergrowth due to the compost, we have integrated a carbon filter. This filters the air coming in (to prevent odours from escaping) and going out.

The activated carbon of the odour filter must be replaced after 4-6 months and will cost between 10 and 20 euro per year. They will be available on our website but also in the shops. The carbon granules, once used, can be composted.

We also suggest that you add a scoop of potting soil (from your composter) from time to time after adding organic waste. In addition to preventing odours, the compost will provide the new organic waste with bacteria and micro-organisms that will help it to decompose! 

What to put in the composter?

All your organic waste except bones, shells and pits as they decompose very, very slowly and meat which is a carrier of disease!

But what is organic waste?
These are your vegetable and fruit peelings, food scraps, dry bread, expired food, your eggshells, but also your used tissues and paper towels, ...

Don't be afraid, even citrus fruits like lemons and oranges can be composted!

What you can't put in :
Plastic, metal, cardboard, glass...
In short, anything that does not degrade easily 😉

What comes out of the composter? In what quantity?

Our composter follows the same principle as the composting that takes place in the bottom of the garden. You will get mature compost, a good fertilizer for plants 😉 

The amount of mature compost will depend on the amount of organic waste you produce.
We estimate 1 bucket of mature compost every 3 months for 4 people using the composter. It should be taken into account that the production of organic waste varies from one family to another and that we use the average in Belgium.

Is it suitable for children?

Of course! Children will be able to understand the life cycle of organic matter, from the plate to the garden. Sorting organic waste becomes a fun family activity.
Composting is child's play with Greenzy ! 😉

Testers loved it

Aude, 34 years old

Laurent, aged 63

Juliette, 42 years old

Fabrice, 44 years old

Isabelle, 58 years old

We explain how it works!

They're talking about us!

A trio of civil engineers has developed an odorless composter linked to an application, making it usable even by the uninitiated. A way to feed the earth and avoid greenhouse gas emissions.

Can technology help us make better use of our organic waste? The three young designers behind Greenzy prove it can.

With a young, feminine team full of ideas, ingenuity and trendiness, we're going to tell you all about the Greenzy composter.

The awards Greenzy has won


Innovation Cup Award

April 2018


Winner of the Leuven Student Angel Fund

December 2018


Winner of the Albert Vanhee Fund

November 2019


1st Jury Prize at Demo Day

December 2019


Student Startup of the Year 2020 Award

February 2020


Winner BeCircular

December 2021

Real quality potting soil

Outdoor compostDehydrator
Reduce your ecological footprint
Quality reclamation (for use in the garden)
Low electricity consumption
No worms, no flies
Easy to use, no need to be an expert?
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