Fiona Milano

Fiona Milano

Rather modest, Fiona does not reveal herself at first sight. But if you delve a little deeper into this curious and studious nature, you quickly realise that she found her way in studying civil engineering in biomedicine. It is in this direction that she was able to satisfy her passion for life while combining it with the rigour of an engineer. She is also the scientist of the group, since she is pursuing research in the biomedical field through a doctorate at Polytechnique Montréal.


Her interest in biology makes her the perfect person to take care of everything related to composting in the project. And it is again her willingness to learn new things that pushes her to take care of the IT part of the project, especially the website.

Fiona took part in a questionnaire to tell the most curious among you what motivates her, what she likes or dislikes. It's up to you to draw your own conclusions!

Here is the questionnaire and Fiona's answers:

1- My main character trait. 


2 - My favourite quality in a human being. 

Its ability to work in a group

3 - The flaw I cannot stand in a human being.  

Giving an opinion without knowing the subject

4 - What I'my friends.

Their difference

5 - My main flaw.


6 - My favourite occupation.


7 - My dream of happiness. 

To have a life of discovery, of surprises

8 - My favourite colour.

Green (from Greenzy!)

9 - My favourite vegetable


10 - My favourite fruit.


11 - My favourite painter


12 - My favourite swear word.


13 - The job I would not have liked to do.


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