How can I invest with Greenzy?

by | Nov 26, 2023 | Business

Greenzy has been open to investment for 2 months now, because we've made a very important decision that's close to our hearts: we're opening up our capital to ALL of you who have believed in us from the start! 😍
That's why we've launched a fundraising campaign, which ends in 15 days, where anyone can decide to invest and become a Greenzy shareholder. To make fundraising easier, we're pooling all investments on an equity fundraising platform, Spreds.
Are you Belgian? 🇧🇪 You'll also benefit from a Tax Shelter tax reduction of 45% of the investment. 💰

What are the next steps for Greenzy? 🤔
👉 production: purchase of molds and tooling
👉 marketing to make our innovation known to the general public
👉 recruiting people to help us with marketing, sales and logistics 🥰
👉 the product: EU patent, improved application, ...

If you would like to invest in Greenzy and benefit from the Tax Shelter:

Thank you for your support! 🥰




Investing involves serious risks, including total or partial loss of capital. Please read the Key Investment Information and Risk Factors document and log in before investing.


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