How to compost in the city?

by | 24 Feb, 2020 | Compost, Ecology, Press

"Every year, Brussels residents produce 126,000 tonnes of food waste, 90% of which is incinerated. These figures, presented in La Libre Belgique on 24 February 2020, are alarming. They show us that most organic waste is often not sorted, despite the existing solutions. Our article "Composting: a step towards a circular economy within everyone's reach" also raises this issue. You can find it here.

To learn more about the existing solutions in the city, we advise you to read the article " Le compost urbain a le vent en poupe " in La Libre Belgique. You can find it in the February 24th edition of the newspaper, or here for the online version.

This nice article highlights neighbourhood initiatives such as collective composts. In Brussels, volunteers from the ASBL Worms who manage them. They provide a significant advantage over communal bins for organic waste; the waste is converted into quality fertiliser that is used directly for local food production. A great project that we encourage you to undertake!

Indeed, Worms offers us an efficient solution to take another step towards food autonomy in the city. These citizens' initiatives make it possible to process a few hundred tonnes of organic waste each year. This is a promising amount, but still too little.

For those who do not have access to land, the article recommends the use of bokashi (fermentation of organic matter), the breeding of black soldier flies, vermicompost or the acquisition of a Greenzy composter! We are proud to see that La Libre Belgique highlights the simplicity of use of our composter, its connected aspect and the alliance it offers between technology and the natural composting process... We won't tell you more, all the information is available on our website.


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