Greenzy and its indoor composter are in the news!

Greenzy and its indoor composter are in the news!

After a report with RTBF by Jonathan Bradfer, Greenzy appears in Maxime Maillet 's article : The 6 innovative and sustainable projects carried by young people from our regions! 👏 You can find the article here 👉 Six innovative projects Greenzy and its indoor composter also appear on VivaCité's "We're not done talking about it." 😄 by Patric Weberand Sébastien Pierret! ☺️ To see the extract, it's here 👉 Greenzy on Vivacité To see the report in detail, it will be on "Quel Temps" at the end of the week on TV so stay tuned! 😍🔜📺 Thanks to all the RTBF team for this great spotlight and especially to Jonathan Bradfer for thinking of us! ☺️🍃👍
The press talks about Greenzy (part 2)

The press talks about Greenzy (part 2)

While we are in the middle ofa Crowdfunding campaign and in the presentation of our peel eater in person in the Country Side fair in Ghent and the Cocoon fair in Brussels, some newspapers and magazines are happily talking about our indoor composter.👍🏻
We would like to thank L'Avenir, the Newsletter of UCLouvain for their support during the crowdfunding and product presentation period! 😀.
To help our project, feel free to pre-order our indoor composter on this page .🚀

The Future - 2021
Newsletter UCLouvain 2021

The press talks about Greenzy (part 1)

The press talks about Greenzy (part 1)

A few days before the Country Side lifestyle event in Ghent and while we are in the middle of a Crowdfunding campaign (, several newspapers and magazines have been talking happily about our indoor composter.👍🏻

We would like to thank Bouw & Wonen, Trends, DVO and Bloovi for their support during the crowdfunding and product presentation period!😀

To help our project, visit our crowdfunding page.

Bouw & Wonen

Greenzy was on Tendances Première on RTBF Radio

Greenzy was on Tendances Première on RTBF Radio

In the midst of a participatory funding campaign 🤑 and while we were present at Cocoon, we were delighted to accept RTBF's invitation to come back and say hello on the Tendances Première radio show on Monday 22 November 2021.

Yes, you read it right: come back !😉 Because we had come more or less 2 years ago to present our project at its beginnings. Comfortably installed, pampered by Véronique Tyberghien and Cédric Wautier, we were able to explain what our indoor composter was 🌱, what its advantages were and how our project had evolved over the last two years!

We would like to thank RTBF and the two presenters Véronique and Cédric for giving us this great opportunity to talk about our product at a time when we really need it!

If you want to see us👀 it's on RTBF Auvio or listen to us🙉 in podcast here.

A Belgian innovation is born, an odourless, worm-free and connected indoor composter

A Belgian innovation is born, an odourless, worm-free and connected indoor composter

Press release of November 9, 2021
Thanks to Greenzy, composting is now easy, fast and educational.
Contact: Adélaïde Biebuyck,,+32 476 01 52 82

After four and a half years of development, the startup Greenzy is launching an ingenious product: a connected indoor composter for households to help them recycle their kitchen waste without the usual inconveniences such as odours, flies or other insects... It is now possible to pre-order it on the Ulule platform until 9 December at a reduced price.

In Europe, 80% of organic waste is incinerated even though it represents 50% of our trash. Based on this observation, three civil engineers, Adélaïde Biebuyck, Laetitia Dupret and Fiona Milano, decided to take up the challenge of developing Greenzy, an indoor composter for households, in order to help as many people as possible to recover their organic waste. 

"Our objective with Greenzy is to put technology at the service of the environment in order to facilitate everyday gestures and help households in the ecological transition" explains Laetitia. The project started as part of their studies at UCLouvain accompanied by their engineering and bioengineering professors as well as startup experts: Startech, the Yncubator and Cap Innove. After their studies, the 3 co-founders continued the project in partnership with Quimesis (engineering company), Edmire (industrial designers specialised in eco-design) and accompanied by Start it @KBC (Belgium's largest start-up accelerator). After several prototypes, various user-centred tests carried out in several households and finally a patent application for the technology, the indoor composter is available for pre-sale on the Ulule platform until 9 December on

Composting is now easy!
Simply insert your organic waste into the Greenzy composter, turn the crank shared by the shredder and the mixer 2-3 times to obtain compost. Composting is also continuous, which allows you to continuously throw away your organic kitchen waste. This will turn into compost within two months, which you can regularly collect via the bottom of the composter.

You don't need to be a compost expert, the Greenzy app takes care of everything. It helps you to obtain a quality compost thanks to different sensors that monitor the process so that the composting is done in ideal conditions. You will receive a notification explaining, for example, that you should add a glass of water if the compost is too dry. The content is therefore fun and educational, both for young children and for the whole family. 

The Greenzy composter is eco-designed and produced in Belgium. " We wanted to go all the way, from the idea to the production, so that our product would be as sustainable as possible," explains Adelaide.

With Greenzy, no more bad smells, flies or other insects in the kitchen. All this without worms to deal with!

Pre-orders are now open on Ulule!
The Greenzy composter is available for pre-order on the crowdfunding platform Ulule during the month of November up to and including December 9. Pre-orders will enable the startup to launch and finance the first production run of the composter, and then start selling direct. You can pre-order today at 

Press kit and photos are available here

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Team Greenzy
3 co-founders of Greenzy, from L. to R.: Fiona Milano, Laetitia Dupret and Adélaïde Biebuyck.
Innovation Cup

Innovation Cup

Innovation Cup

Greenzy's team are very happy to announce that they won last night in the final of the Innovation Cup, the prize for the best project! We would like to thank LSM Consulting and UStart UCL for the organization of this event as well as for their generosity. Indeed, we come out of this adventure with a voucher of € 2,500 to redeem with LSM Conseil!
But that's not all! We also received valuable feedback and had the chance to chat with many other inspiring projects! Congratulations to all the participants for their involvement and the work accomplished.
More than to think about the best way to use our voucher ...