Adélaïde Biebuyck

Adélaïde Biebuyck

If you had to remember one thing from a first meeting with Adelaide, it would be her bright and frank laugh. Because what characterises this civil engineer in electro-mechanics with an energy option is clearly her good humour and her appetite for life. But her studies have also prepared her to deal with all the electrical aspects of the project. In particular, she loves to explore everything that concerns the electronics of the future composter.


Her drive and interest in others obviously pushes her into the field of team management, while her creativity and high motivation mean that she is full of innovative ideas for the project. With her, the future of Greenzy for new innovative steps of the project is assured!

She answered frankly and without filter to the questions asked in this little questionnaire which will certainly reveal other parts of her personality.
Here are her answers:
1- My main character trait.


2 - My favourite quality in a human being. 


3 - The flaw I cannot stand in a human being.  

Non-respect for the environment (whether natural or social)

4 - What I'my friends.


5 - My main flaw.


6 - My favourite occupation.

Being with friends

7 - My dream of happiness. 

Living my life to the fullest

8 - My favourite colour.


9 - My favourite vegetable


10 - My favourite fruit.


11 - My favourite heroine or hero in fiction.

Harry Potter

12 - My favourite swear word.


13 - The job I would not have liked to do.

Cashier or anything related to assembly line work.

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