Recycle your organic waste indoors

Odourless, simple and eco-designed

How does it work?

Add all your organic waste daily : food scraps, citrus peels, egg shells, etc.

Step 1 - Greenzy indoor composter
Step 2 - Greenzy indoor composter

Crank a few times to crush and mix the organic waste and aerate the compost.

Let the micro-organisms in your waste do their job and pamper them by following the instructions on the application.

Step 3 - Greenzy indoor composter
Step 4 - Greenzy indoor composter

After about two months, collect your natural, homemade potting soil from underneath. Enjoy it with your plants and your garden!

Why Greenzy®?

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Recovery of your organic waste

Greenzy Quality - Quality

Inside, no need to go outside


No unpleasant smell

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No insects or worms


Application to help you compost



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Good mature compost for your plants

Did you know that?

Greenzy® allows you to make a big impact... Without making an effort!


of a household waste bin is organic waste.


of organic waste is landfilled or incinerated

people who compost avoid the pollution of one car per year

Greenzy® is a startup that holds to its values


Our goal is to help preserve our planet. We want our product to help you go green and be part of a circular economy.

Greenzy Quality - Quality

The quality

We provide you with a quality product and service. We therefore make it a point of honour to produce composters with quality and durable materials and ergonomic application.

Respect for the customer

Greenzy is designed for and with our customers. We build a product that doesn't require additives or regular parts changes, so that you are not shackled by continuous purchases.


How to recycle organic waste?

How to recycle organic waste?

You want to compost but you don't know which type of composting is the most adapted to your needs? Don't panic, we've decided to explain some of the different ways to recycle your organic waste so that you can see more clearly!

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Greenzy: startup of the week in the Libre Eco

Greenzy: startup of the week in the Libre Eco

One month after a successful crowdfunding, pre-sales continuing on our website and in the midst of preparing our next fundraiser for the release of Greenzy, our indoor composter, a nice article summarizes all this by being the...

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The press talks about Greenzy (part 2)

The press talks about Greenzy (part 2)

While we are in the middle of a Crowdfunding campaign and in the presentation of our peel eater in person at the Country Side fair in Ghent and the Cocoon fair in Brussels, some newspapers and magazines are talking happily about our composter...

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The press talks about Greenzy (part 1)

The press talks about Greenzy (part 1)

A few days before the Country Side lifestyle event in Ghent and while we are in the middle of a Crowdfunding campaign (, several newspapers and magazines have been talking happily about our indoor composter.👍🏻 We would like to...

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The team

Behind this project are three committed women!

Adélaide Biebuyck

Adelaide Biebuyck

Adelaide is in charge of the electrical aspects of the composter but also of the commercial part.

Laetitia Dupret

Laetitia Dupret

Laetitia deals with the mechanics of the composter, the finances and the marketing of Greenzy.

Fiona Milano Hover

Fiona Milano

Fiona is interested in all things composting and also manages the Greenzy® website.

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